Diesel Components is the master distributor for Honeywell over the Garrett turbo product line for Central America and the Caribbean market. We currently manage the distribution of both Garrett’s commercial turbo division as well as the  Performance Turbochargers. Our focus is placed on providing the support to our distribution network in each country with ready inventory in Miami for quick access.

Why choose Garrett?

A turbo is a high technology product that requires superior design and intensive capital to produce. It must meet the severe requirements that only a world class manufacturer like Garrett can achieve.  Garrett is one of the few turbo-charging manufacturers that subjects their turbos to several OE qualification tests. These turbocharging “qual tests” ensure Garrett produces a safe and reliable turbo for OE applications. When you buy a Garrett turbo you can be sure it is a reliable one!

For more information, please visit Turbo by Garrett here.