Denso is one of the leading global suppliers of advanced technology, systems and components for most of the world’s major car makers. Denso was the first in the world to commercialize diesel common rail systems in 1995. In 2002, Denso introduced its 1800 bar common rail system, capable of delivering the world’s highest injection pressure and continues to promote advances in diesel injection technology. In 2012, Denso started to commercialize  the world’s first engine control system known as  intelligent-Accuracy Refinement Technology (i-ART), in which the injectors have a built-in pressure sensor to measure fuel injection pressure in real time and control the fuel injection quantity and timing of each injector.

Diesel Components is part of the Denso family. We are Denso’s Distributor for its conventional diesel injection product line covering Latin America, Central Distributor for Florida over the diesel injection common rail product line, as well as, Central Distributor for the Caribbean market over both conventional and common rail product lines. Our commitment to the Denso product line is supported by our affiliates and associated companies in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Honduras. We have authorized service centers in Miami and in the Dominican Republic with emphasis on the repair and rebuild process of Common Rail pumps and injectors. Our Miami service center is currently the only authorized Common Rail Injector center in the United States.