R.A.S.E.D. S.P.A. SPACO DIESEL was founded in 1961 with headquarters in Milano, Italy. It specializes in the production of components for all types of Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps, Common Rail Pumps, and Electronic Unit Injectors.

The brand name of R.A.S.E.D.’s products is “SPACO DIESEL” – a registered trade mark in many countries.

With over 50 years of experience in the Diesel Fuel Injection field, R.A.S.E.D. has acquired a vast technological expertise which accounts for the quality reached.

The reliability of SPACO DIESEL products is acknowledged and confirmed by the vast number of utilizers in the world.

Diesel Components is part of R.A.S.E.D. S.P.A. network of distributors. Over the years, R.A.S.E.D. has also developed strong commercial and technical collaborations with diesel engine manufacturers, aftermarket wholesalers, pump repair workshops, as well as, re-manufacturing companies.

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